Aurora Kellermann is an actress, performer, speaker, director and curator.
She completed her acting and theater studies in Rome. In 2007 she moved to Berlin, where she participated in various projects as an actress, performer, writer and director, including: Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, Ullrich Rasche, Matthias Langhoff, Uwe Schmieder.
2007-2011 she was a member of AKR Collective, with whom she created the performances "First Rule: Don't be Saved. Burning Antigone", "E.C.F.C." and "Post- Exhibition of Surviving Humanity" and performed in Italy, Germany and Denemark.
In 2012-13, in collaboration with Ballhaus Ost and thanks to the production award of the Italian Ministry of Culture "Movin'up", she realized the piece "WHAT'S LEFT OF / Performative documentary about sex work".
Since November 2014 she has been co-directing TATWERK | Performative Forschung with Chris Wohlrab and is mainly responsible for the program and communication.
Since 2015 she is part of Welcome Project - The Foreigner's Theatre. She toured with the production „Intime Fremde" from 2015 - 2019. The production "Angst vor der Angst" premiered in September 2019 and has been on tour ever since. The new production "Hey, Robot!" is in the planning stages.
In 2016, she founded the DERIVAT label with Chris Wohlrab to work on her own artistic and curatorial projects at the intersection of research, documentation and performance, in parallel to her joint direction of TATWERK. After the first project "Krieg", an educational research in 2016 at TATWERK, DERIVAT produced the documentary performance "mixed_me - EinMenschShow" and presented it at TATWERK in 2017 and 2018. In 2018 DERIVAT organized the festival "STRIPPED WORKS - Contemporary Performance Practices". In 2021 DERIVAT receives the #TakeCare grant for the research project "Electric Girls", awarded by Fonds Daku, within the framework of Neustart Kultur.